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YFN LUCCI’S CEO’s Penthouse Robbed BY Atlanta Thugs!!!!! Inside Job?????

YFN LUCCI’S CEO’s Penthouse Robbed BY Atlanta Thugs!!!!! Inside Job?????


This one is a bit of a doozy folks. A condo inside of the illustrious W Hotel here in the A was robbed of $500,000, high-end merchandise, and a whole arsenal of freakin’ guns on Jan. 2, 2018.

Hold on…let’s run that back. Half a mill in cash…tons of Louie V….AR-15 semi autos and other heavy artillery…5 mill in jewelry. All snatched up off the top floor.


So…obvious questions first – WHO’S CRIB WAS IT and WHO DID THAT SHIT?!?!? Well you’re in luck because we just might have some serious insight to BOTH.

The streets are on FIRE with this one, and it has come up that this is quite possibly the Think It’s a Game Records lavish stash house. 17th floor mini palace. Floor to ceiling windows. Fancy shit. Rumored to be kept by G. “Fly” Henry of TIG himself. But there’s no “confirmable” receipts on that…just a cozy and luxurious label spot and hangout for his nephew.

Yeah. Right.

But wait it gets better. TIG is the current label home of YFN Lucci…and it’s being said that the guys caught on camera emptying the place resemble some former members of Lucci’s inner circle. Recently cut off from Lucci due to paranoia and trust issues (due to this incessant beef with Young Thug and catching his manager stealing), could this be a big “fuck you” move by the bitter boys to bring more heat on Lucci?? Hmm…they may have bitten off WAY more than they could chew by going for the boss though.

And wait a hot ass Atlanta summer minute….this happened on the 2nd of this month. No wide spread news coverage? No raids or shakedowns? No pull ups or beatin’ niggas down for info? A whole ARSENAL of new guns in the streets and no one bats an eye?!?

Well, what a time to be alive. Maybe it wasn’t covered because there are people involved who’s exposure could shake the city. Maybe an inside job. Can you imagine the insurance coverage on that place? If you run into some young boys flashing LV bags and bands…you miiiiiiight want to steer clear because it’s going to be very interesting once the streets hear and get to the bottom of this one.


January 10th, 2018

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