Hip Hop TXL Vol. 89
01 Jan 1970 |

Candy Drip

Candy Drip of Week – Porsha

Candy Drip of Week – Porsha

Porsha :
• Sign : She’s a Cancer
• Secrets : Most people don’t know that she’s very shy until she gets a feel for you.
• Munchies : Her favorite midnight snack is Butter Cake from CPK.
• Turn ON :  If you simply have your head on straight, you might have a shot with Porsha.
• Turn OFF : She hates pushy dudes or to feel pressured by a guy. Ladies on the other hand may be a different story.
• Playlist : She’s currently bumping Future and Drake a lot.
• SEX Moves : She doesn’t have a favorite Sexual Position because she likes them ALL! Who doesn’t?
• Like Likes : Her Secret celebrity crushes include… Drake, Jhene Aiko & Future but not all at the same time.
Social Media : @miss_goldchainz


March 22nd, 2017

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